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Fashion e-Shop
Eirini Poumpouridou
Tel. 2106659257 / 6945730787
Fax: 2106659257
VAT: 148319652
Headquarter’s/ depot’s address
Evripou 33 13674
Acharnai, Athens

Company Profile

8 Years now Online.

Fashion e-shop is a company with the aim of online commerce in woman’s fashion.
Woman’s clothes are our only aim so that’s why we can be the best!

Internet shopping is pleasing and safe, saving time and money and avoiding the pain of crowds, parking and sore feet!
Also an online shop has no limits about place and time, so someone from an island or form a far  away village can shop as easy and comfortable as someone from the centre of the city 24h a day,7 days a week(+Sunday),365 days the year(+ holidays)

Firstly, it has to be developed a trust relationship among the shop and the costumer, as unfortunately there are so many traps in cyberspace that we have to avoid and to report when we discover them. Fashion e-shop has its own exclusive server at one of the best Data Servers in Europe giving guarantee for 100% up time and for 100% safety with the best tools internationally (Firewall, anti spam, anti virus).

Fashion e-shop has been made from woman to women so its clothes have a better sense of woman emergence. We are all the time looking for big amounts of bargains in South and Central Europe to be able to offer you brand products with the best prices in the market! We keep our prices low as we don’t have real shops so we don’t transfer the cost of function to our online shop.

We are daily trying to offer you the best services in really rapid time of delivery and in the best way so we don’t undertake the delivery even around Athens but we are collaborating with the most dependable courier companies which are doing better and faster this job.

So, as a result from all the above we have only satisfied costumers, who they haven’t bought products from Fashion e-shop only once but they trust us in their every clothing necessity.

Thank you for your preference.

With Regards,

Eirini Poumpouridou,
Owner and 
Public Relation Manager


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